Healing crystals. You can now buy crystals online. Talk to Crystals has a vast collection of crystals from all parts of the world. Healing crystals are available in raw form, tumbled form, clusters, pyramids, towers, spheres and in jewelry.

If you are a collector, or a beginner in your crystal journey, crystals are available from every part of the country or city for you now, thanks to the online shopping world. Purchasing authentic, healing crystals online in India is an easy option now, but the first question that comes up is, "Is the crystal genuine and the right fit for me?"

Buying crystals online is no different from visiting a crystal shop, especially if you are sensitive to energy. Since there is a huge variety available online, it’s best to go through some basic steps to identify the crystals you should go for.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself, what purpose do you want the crystal to serve in your life, or which area of life are you looking to enhance? Are you looking for a spiritual meaning, or are you looking to enhance your life materially?

Every crystal has healing powers, protective powers, the ability to raise your vibration, or the power of manifestation. If you are unsure of the exact area you want to work on, a gentle healing crystal, a master healer, or a protective crystal is a great place to start.

Once you know what you want, you could then look at the crystal forms and shapes available in that crystal. Different shapes of healing crystals emit energies and interact with the user in different ways. Crystal spheres emit energy in all directions whereas crystal clusters magnify and emit energy across their multiple points. A palm stone or crystal tumble is excellent for usage during healing meditations. The shape and purpose of the crystal work in tandem. Read more about the difference in some forms here.

The color of a crystal is something you can focus on if that is what attracts you. Crystal colors correspond to the color and vibrations of seven chakras in our physical body, and choosing your crystal for your chakra is a good place to start holistic healing with crystals.

Your choice of crystals could also be based on your religious and spiritual beliefs. There are vast collections of crystal idols, statues, and angels. If you have a religious inclination but are unsure about crystals, this is also an amazing place to start. 

Crystals make an excellent part of your home decor like coasters or just plain rocks that not only please your aesthetic sense, but raise the vibration of your space.

When it comes to purchasing crystals online, using your intuition is definitely a part of the process. Intuition feels and works differently for everyone. That moment of truth varies from person to person, but the ‘aha’ moment does happen when a crystal calls to you. Believe me, it does call out to you! For those, who are familiar with using a pendulum, you can always tap into your intuition using the pendulum, to check if a particular crystal is for you.

If all of this seems overwhelming, start with our  ‘Crystal Kit for Beginners’ This is a collection of the first 15 crystals we recommend. In case you have already been working with crystals you could also look at our Intermediate and Advanced Crystal Kits.

We believe that when a crystal wants to reach out to you, it will.There is no wrong or right method in crystals. Crystals are here to enhance your life if you allow them to, and each crystal will take you on your own special path.

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