Crystal Grid for releasing Emotional Stress

Crystal Grid for releasing Emotional Stress 

This beautiful grid is created using a Ruby Fuchsite sphere in the center. The tumbles used are Amazonite, Chrysoprase, Kiwi Jasper and Sodalite.

What is a crystal grid?’ A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals placed together. A grid can be for an intention, or it could just be a creation of the moment depending on the energy you may feel is prevalent at the time you are creating the grid.


With full moon in Pisces coming up in two days the message brought to us through this grid is for healing emotional stress. Pisces is a water sign, and with the full moon energy in a water sign, past emotions can resurface. Emotional stress comes majorly while dealing with relationships. Any relationships – romantic ones, work relationships, or with family and friends.

Connecting with this grid will help you release the stress caused by any misunderstandings. You will be able to release any emotions easily and will be able to communicate with the concerned person or persons without being emotional or getting the ‘victim’ feeling.

 What was my experience with this grid and how do I connect?

I imagine a white light connecting the energy of the grid to mine. Sometimes I imagine myself standing in the center of the grid. On connecting with this grid, I felt my throat and heart chakras become lighter. I felt my energy lift and the message I got was to release any negative emotions connected with any relationships in my life.

 At Talk to Crystals, we create grids for healing if requested, but most of the time we tap into our intuition and create a grid. Once the grid is ready, we connect to the grid and understand the message the universe is trying to send out through the grid.

Can you connect with this grid? What is the message you receive? Do comment and let us know too!


crystal Grid for releasing Emotional Stress

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