Crystals for Exams

Crystals for Exams

Exams and Stress are almost synonyms in today’s world. Children have the pressure of intense competition and their parents are stressed along with them. Whether it’s the board exams or admission of little ones, the pressure does build up. Exam stress is something very natural and inevitable. Stress often leads to anxiety and anxiety can lead to a lack of focus. Some may also have physical discomforts like headaches and indigestion due to the stress and fear of exams. Crystals can help deal with this, and we have listed some crystals to help. You can use them based on what you go through as a result of the stress and anxiety or could use them together in different forms.

Crystals help you align with the situation with their different healing properties. Which crystal is for reducing stress? Which is suitable for focusing or calming the mind? Whichever crystal you feel drawn to most is the one that will resonate with you and that is what you need.  

Amethyst – This is a high-vibration stone. that supports mental peace and works with the third eye chakra. Its calm vibrations will help those going through sleeplessness to get a good night’s sleep. It will soothe the mind to invoke positive energy to study and perform well. 


Amazonite – Amazonite guides us in following a disciplined lifestyle. It helps us to plan a routine. It is often called the stone of ‘hope” as it shows us the direction to follow to succeed. It gives us the courage to study and perform with confidence when we reach a feeling of panic or despair. 


Blue Calcite-

Using blue calcite will allow the person using it to communicate calmly. It is especially helpful when one is nervous about using the right words, both spoken and written. It works on communication skills and will help students to express their thoughts better. It has soothing calm energy. 


Rose Quartz- 

This soft pink stone brings a feeling of calm and settles the anxiety one may be feeling. This is a stone of love, and love is what heals. This is a good stone for those who are feeling unloved and isolated, which often happens with younger children when forced to study for hours before exams. 


Tiger Eye-

This is a stone that works on the solar plexus chakra and helps to remove fears. It brings one into action mode and gives the confidence required. Carrying a tiger eye in the pocket can give support when stressed about anything, especially the fear of exams.

Multi Fluorite- 

Fluorite is often called the ‘genius stone’ and is known for helping one to focus on the issue in the present. It helps improve memory and retain what one has learned. Multi fluorite can be placed on the study table or worn as a pendant or bracelet to stop the mind from being distracted. It enables one to stick to the intention or goal they have planned. 


Summary -

Each crystal has amazing healing properties. They heal the wearer by resonating with their intentions and their needs.

  • Amethyst for bringing calm, releasing stress, and helping to sleep better.
  • Amazonite is the one for you if you need to be more disciplined and plan your days better.
  • Blue Calcite for better communication and removing nervousness while expressing thoughts.
  • Rose Quartz will help deal with the feeling of being left alone and will make you feel loved. It will bring peace and release anxiety.
  • Tiger Eye for confidence and removing the fear of exams.
  • Multi Fluorite to remain focused and for improved memory. 

Pick the crystal you feel will resonate with you, or just pick one each and use them in combination. They all work with the right intention. Read our blog on cleansing and charging. Confused about the size or form? Read our blog on this too.


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