Authentic Crystals for Spirituality and Meditation. Best Crystals for Meditation are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Angelite, Labradorite. Buy genuine crystals online at Talk to Crystals.


Crystals are excellent tools to help deepen our practice of meditation. They raise our vibration, supercharge the power of intentions, and access strong meditative states to feel uplifted. Spirituality is a way of life, and Crystals can help us live and grow in our spiritual life with ease. When we discover our spiritual selves, we raise the vibration of our consciousness, and crystals help us in doing this, just by being around us.

Our recommendations for five best crystals for meditation and spirituality are given below. Use them in the form that you feel most comfortable with. There are no rules, so you could just pick one, or decide to meditate with a few or even all!

Clear Quartz: Called the master healer, Clear Quartz can help one reach the deeper states in meditation. It is used by meditators worn as a mala or placed in the meditation room in the form of Pyramids or clusters. Some prefer to hold this in their hands as palm stones or tumbles. Clear Quartz has the power to awaken your crown chakra, which opens you to the world of meditation and spirituality. It is also the ultimate balancing stone, effective to bring alignment to oneself, and very easy to work with. People who work with clear quartz have been known to connect with their spirit guides and receive divine messages. Clear Quartz from the ancient city of Lemuria – called Lemurians are especially effective in meditation.

Selenite: A soft, soothing crystal with hidden inner power, Selenite is particularly beneficial for developing peace, serenity, and universal consciousness. It gives Angelic protection to the wearer/user during meditation, giving protection from unwanted energies in the meditative state. Selenite is a great cleansing crystal and removes any blocks or negative energy from your aura and your space. It helps develop self-awareness and makes you more in tune with yourself and your surroundings. Its calming properties make it an amazing tool for accessing deep meditative states. Selenite lamps are often placed in the meditation rooms, or therapy rooms of healers and therapists to help cleanse the energy after healings. This is also a great stone to be worn by healers for energetic protection. Using a selenite wand to brush and cleanse your aura before you sit down to meditate is a good idea.

 Feedback from one of our customers- “I used a selenite sphere during meditation by placing it in front of me, and felt cleansed of the day’s worries”

Amethyst: Is a form of quartz. It develops intuition and is one of the best crystals to enhance a deep state of meditation. It brings inner peace and healing, relieves stress, and enhances spiritual awareness. Amethyst is also helpful in alleviating negativity, stress, and anxiety. Said to be a crystal that suits everyone, amethyst is also called a natural tranquilizer that soothes one's emotions. Holding an amethyst or placing one in your meditation space will help in raising the vibration of the user. Amethyst Geodes placed in a room will help to constantly cleanse the energy of the room. Amethyst clusters and larger forms are seen in many public spaces and offices due to their ability to release stress and raise the vibrations of the space they are placed in.

Angelite: Just like it's name suggests Angelite helps connect with the angelic realm and is conducive during meditation in bringing a feeling of peace and compassion. Angelite is a soothing stone, that enables one to easily forgive and let go of negativity and anger. This stone brings spiritual inspiration and stimulates healing energies and removes energy blocks. It enhances the gifts of clairvoyance and brings an awareness of the presence of angels and guides. A must-have stone for those who connect with Angels and other spiritual beings. Angelite can be placed in the form of an angel. Or one could just hold a tumbled stone or a palm stone during your meditation.

Labradorite: Labradorite is a mystical stone. One can find many colors in labradorite, and some have what is known as ‘blue fire’ in them. The changing colors make it a stone of transformation. It brings an instant connection to the source, divine universal energy, or whatever one chooses to meditate with. It is a great stone to preserve your energy as you meditate, especially if you are a workaholic or just have a tendency to keep physically busy all the time! It is called a stone of self-discovery, that opens your inner eye to who you are, helping you magnify your resolutions making it a great crystal for deep meditation. Labradorite empowers intuition and psychic gifts and is a favorite with anyone who works with divination tools.

Customer Feed back -“ Holding a labradorite palm stone in my hands regularly, brought a positive shift in perspective and helped me be more productive.”

Reach out to us, tell us how crystals have changed your meditation practice. If you have any wonderful experiences with these crystals, or any other crystals you meditate with, do share with us.

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