Crystals for Personal Growth and Healing

If you are reading this, you have probably heard about crystals. Crystals are beings that existed before humans and other life forms existed on earth. They can be of help to us in many ways..

Crystal Jewelry:

The easiest way to have crystals on your person for many hours together is to wear them as jewelry. Most crystal jewelry is designed to be suitable for men and women.

  • Bracelets remain in your aura through the day as you work or go about your routine in the day. A bracelet is suitable in any stone. Can be worn by men and women.
  • Pendants are close to your heart and throat chakras and are very effective when you wear stones related to these chakras like a rose quartz, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla and there are so many more to explore. Pendants are also effective when worn as protection stones like black tourmaline, obsidian, tiger eye and some others. 
  • Necklaces of clear quartz and amethyst beads are often worn by meditators to reach a deeper state of meditation.
INTERESTING FACT – Scan and measure your aura both before and after 10 minutes of wearing a (cleansed) clear quartz necklace. You will find your aura has expanded! 
  • Anklets are a lot in vogue today and are excellent for grounding and protection stones which connect to the root and earth star chakras.
  • Earrings just like the bracelets are suitable for keeping the crystal in your aura. They also look beautiful worn both in studs and dangler forms.
  • Rings are my favorite form of wearing crystals and I’ve often wondered how it would feel to wear them on my toes too! In crystals and semi-precious stones one can wear any stone in any finger, unlike the precious gemstones prescribed by the astrologer. Those too can be worn in any finger but will be effective in appeasing or enhancing your planets if worn in the correct finger.

 And for those who do not wish to wear any jewelry form:

Tumbled Stones are a great form to carry in your pocket all day. Don’t have a pocket? Carry them in a mojo bag. Keeping them in your bags and wallets may help, but a pocket or a mojo bag will keep them close to you for a longer period. Browse through our kits section to see a collection of 5 tumbles where you can choose the area you wish to enhance or heal accordingly.

If you are someone who meditates, then Palm stones and Cabochons are a perfect for holding in your hands while meditation. Larger forms could be placed close to you for high vibrations while meditating or healing.

For chakra healing cabochons are one of the best forms. You could use tumble stones or larger palm stones too if you feel comfortable using them. Some pointers can be used as well to connect them if using them to make a grid for yourself or laying them on your body.

For healers it’s a choice of palm stones, rough forms, or tumbles & cabochons to use while healing. Some healers like to hold any of these forms for healing themselves or others and it’s a personal choice for them to use the form they connect with most.

Crystals may be used for homes and space too. Look out for our upcoming blogs on crystals to use for enhancing the vibrations of your homes or any space.

Nita Mehta

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