Healing Crystals can help us explore meaning of love, heal our wounds, and open our hearts for unconditional love

“The energy of the universe and of the heart is the same…it is that of pure love! If you focus hard enough, you can actually see the entire universe residing in your heart chakra.” Tanvi 

Healing Crystals are beautiful magical tools to help supplementing or enhancing the energy of the heart chakra. These wise beings can help us explore our own definitions of love, heal our wounds, and open our hearts for unconditional love.

Of course the first metaphysical stone that comes in mind when talking about heart chakra is the beautiful Rose Quartz. It brings us peace and calmness, new love, self-love, and resolution of small arguments in relationships. Its quartz power can quickly identify the problem area and resolve it. Over the years, however, I have grown to appreciate and indeed love some other heart chakra stones too, which have now become staple in my crystal closet. So I am sharing my experiences with a few of them.



    This beautiful pink-red stone is my most favourite healer of the heart. Called by ancients as the heart of earth, rhodochrosite has soft feminine energies that can nurture a hurting heart. I keep it on my heart chakra when I am feeling hurt, or being harsh to myself. Over years, it has helped me forgive myself for all that I found lacking in me. It has helped me heal my self-worth and self-image, paving way for much needed self-love. It is still work-in-progress though. It’s particularly helped in healing blockages caused by past hurts and inner child issues. Most importantly, I hold it whenever I wish to feel the energy of pure divine love being sent to me.


      I have a tiny piece of dioptase that my friend bought for me from the USA. The minute I held it in my hands, I was transported to a lush green alpine mountain forest. I could literally smell the misty air, feel the sounds echo, and see the eagles soar! It was the most serene and magical image that stayed with me forever. I felt the energy of pure healing. I could sense the forest spirits healing me, and my heart chakra. The refreshing feeling was like water poured on parched soil. These were soothing waves of life force energy that were healing my emotional body. I use it very often, to experience the cool calming sensations wash over me, especially when I am emotionally stressed or tired.


        I call it my relationship healing stone. It has always helped me understand the other person’s point of view. It makes me feel the love that is at the core of that relationship; to know that it is the love that is important and special between us, and as long as it is there, everything else can be resolved. It gives me the energy of hope, strength, and compassion. I feel completely elevated of whatever has been pulling me down. When I am holding a Chrysoprase in my hand, I feel I could love the entire world!!

        Pink Opal

           I have this one in a cute star shape and I love it. I feel it makes me drop my defenses and inhibitions and just feel the excitement that comes with fresh love. I want to giggle with joy and blush like a teenager, and not think about the what-if’s. This is what makes Pink Opal a perfect healing stone to release all resentments harbored over life. When all anger and resentments are released, you are left with the blissful joy of love!


          Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite)

            Another deeply healing stone, it encompasses energies of both masculine and the feminine. Thus I have felt its healing at all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. It has helped me during meditations to uncover and understand what my heart truly desires, and separate it from how I think it will come to being. This itself has been a very spiritual and introspective process. I have felt my heart chakra expand while meditating with Ruby Zoisite, and at the same time had a feeling of protection, as if someone or some energy was embracing me. It was a beautiful comforting message of “Its safe to love, and safe to grow”.


            Please note that these are my personal experiences with these magical stones. Yours can be different depending on what you are in process of releasing or healing. Crystals respond uniquely to our individual energies and heal us accordingly. I do hope you will have extraordinary healings with them, as I did. Please do share your own experiences in comments below. We would love to hear them, and share the love and joy J


            Love and light,



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