Crystals that bring Abundance and Wealth

Crystals that bring Abundance and Wealth

In India, the festive season begins around the end of September and continues till spring. Festivals involve decorating your homes, buying new clothes and jewellery. Many people save up to shop now too! And if you believe in the magic of crystals, it's time to look at our new festival offers!

Green Aventurine

The first crystal that comes to mind for abundance and growth is Green Aventurine. This beautiful green stone can come in various shades of green and is often mistaken for jade. Whatever its shade, the properties remain the same. In the regular tumble/ rough or bracelet/ jewellery form, it brings luck and opportunities to the wearer. Use a green Aventurine in the form of a Ganesha to get blessings along with its properties. Keep a green Aventurine Diya for Goddess Lakshmi this Diwali at your entrance.


Pyrite, ‘fools gold’ as it’s often called is a lovely shiny golden stone that matches the vibration of being festive. Pyrite brings name, fame, and wealth, and gives protection as well. It grounds you as you reach the heights of fame and energetically protects you from the evil eye. Keeping this around your home will enhance your income or your fame, depending on your intention. Make sure your intention is pure when you place this around your homes.




Citrine is the stone of joy, warmth, and courage. It is known as the merchant's stone and was kept in the cash box by merchants in the past. The magic of citrine is more in being joyful and attracting wealth due to your positive vibes and enthusiasm. It has the energy of the sun. The sun gives unconditional warmth and brings growth.





The stone for stability is Orthoceras. Orthoceras is a unique crystal that brings grounding and stability to every area of your life. It not only balances your finances, but it also helps restore any stuck money. I believe it helps block the money drain as well. Placing an Orthoceras in your workplace will help in grounding and remaining centered as you go through your day.


So which works best is what you are probably thinking. You could choose one that resonates best. If you are looking for luck, opportunities, and the strength to nurture your work, Green Aventurine may work best. If looking for courage and a need to be more of an ‘action-oriented’ person, Citrine may be for you. If looking for wealth and money along with fame in your area of expertise, then it's Pyrite you must have. Orthoceras works best for financial stability.

We have bundles combining some of these amazing crystals for abundance, wealth, and joy to celebrate the season with your loved ones. Gift them, or just buy them for your homes for renewed energy!

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