Crystals to improve communication and expression available online. Buy Blue Kyanite, Turquoise, Larimar, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Apatite, Aquamarine, Multi Fluorite,Lapis Lazuli to improve you communication skills.

Crystals that help with Communication, Public Speaking and Expression

Communication is the key to success. Crystals can help you improve your communication For all relationships - business or personal, it’s important to have a clear understanding with your partner, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Each of us has our unique way of expressing our thoughts and depending on our personality types, we express ourselves through our words. 

Are you someone who finds it hard to express your feelings and put them into words? The words want to come out of your mouth, and they feel a little stuck at the base of your throat or in your heart? The crystals that will help you are Blue Kyanite, Aquamarine, and Blue Lace Agate. 

Blue Kyanite will give you the strength to say what you wish to. It is a powerful throat chakra healing stone that also gives energetic protection. Those who feel they cannot speak confidently will benefit from this stone. Especially when worn as a pendant at the nape of the neck. This beautiful stone needs no boosting with any other crystals and works wonderfully on its own, giving you the energetic protection as well as the cleansing you need at the time. 

Aquamarine will ensure you remain calm as you express yourself. The emotions you feel will be softer and in your control. Aquamarine is associated with water, and your words will flow in sync with the emotions you are feeling at that time. 

Blue lace agate will bring balance between your mind and emotions and stabilize you as you attempt to speak and express yourself. It helps express lovingly and the words you speak or write may be far softer and kinder than you feel. 

If your conversations are with your romantic partner, combine these with Rose Quartz. If you are in a discussion with work colleagues or your boss, combine any of these with Citrine or Tiger Eye.

Are you someone who needs to work hard to say things in a truthful manner?Lapis Lazuli will help you speak the truth, with wisdom. It is often called the stone of wisdom, expression, and the stone of truth. It is also a wonderful stone for anyone in the writing profession. 

Blue Apatite will help you find the right inspiration and the words. Combined with Clear Quartz,  this stone’s properties will be amplified and connect you to a greater level of inspiration.


Are you someone who blurts things out and cannot hold back at all? You do not plan it but manage to say too much. There may be times when you literally ‘babble’. The crystals to help you bring more awareness so that you may speak or express only that which keeps you and people around you happy are Lapis Lazuli, Blue lace agate, and Larimar. Yes, two are repeated! Each crystal can help in multiple ways. Larimar will bring the softness into your emotions and will help you overcome any feelings of going wrong.

Lastly, Do you feel great when you speak in a small group, but the moment you have to address a larger group, make presentations and speak in public, you kind of lose your nerve and blank out? The stones for you are Blue Fluorite and Turquoise. Carry one of these in your pocket, or wear it as jewellery to see the difference in your public speaking skills! You can use Multi Fluorite if Blue Fluorite is difficult to find, but make sure it has a lot of blue in it. Turquoise has become rare today, so please make sure you buy it from a reliable source, as there is a lot of fake Turquoise available.

To sum it up -

  • The throat chakra is the seat of communication, and to communicate in a balanced manner we must heal it.
  • Crystals can be used to heal the throat chakra by placing the chosen crystal on the throat chakra, or we can just wear it as a pendant/ bracelet.
  • Blue color crystals are all very good for communication and expression, even though each has its own special power. (Names given above)

Nita Mehta

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