How can I use the crystals?

A common question, ‘How to use the crystal I just bought from you?’ often pops up on our chats and WhatsApp messages. This article will help you understand this. 

You have just bought the crystal that attracts you, and are excited to start your crystal journey! So how do you begin? 

Step 1 - Cleansing.

The first thing to do is to wash the crystal under running water. It’s best to use normal tap water at room temperature, warm or hot water is not good for crystals. No need to soak them. Once dried, sage them or put them out in the moonlight for a few hours. There are other cleansing methods too, and you can read about those here. Crystals love water and you will find them shining and twinkling after bathing with water and moonlight. Some crystals are too soft or fragile for water, so take care you use sage or any other cleansing method for those. 

Step 2 - Program with Intention.

The second step is to program them with an intention. If the crystal is for your personal use, the intention should be for you. If the crystal has been purchased for a space, then the intention must be for a space. You must be clear about what you want this crystal to help you with. How? 

Hold the crystal in your left hand, cover it with your right hand, and intend that this crystal should work for you in the direction you want. The larger crystals can be held on to with both hands where ever they are placed. For example, if you have purchased a citrine tumble for your career, you can intend that this crystal is helping you progress in your career. Every crystal has a deva or soul within, and one must mentally request the crystal deva to work with you.

Step 3 - Where to place the crystal/ how to use the crystal 

If your crystal is in tumble/rough form or any other form which is reasonably small enough like cabochonsheartspalm stones, or other small shapes– 

  • Keep it in your pocket.
  • Hold it during meditation if you meditate.
  • Place it under your pillow at night if comfortable.
  • Place it on your bedside table or work table.
  • Hold it in your hands as you watch tv, listen to music, etc like a worry stone.

If your crystal is Jewellery form – 

  • Wash and cleanse the jewelry just like the tumbles. 
  • Program them with intention.
  • Wear the crystal jewelry for at least 4-6 hours a day for results.

If your crystal is in cluster form –

  • Small clusters can be placed on your work table, bedside table, coffee tables, and shelves to spread their vibration.
  • Large clusters and geodes can be placed either directly on the floor or a stand/table in a suitable corner or space in any room.
  • Place tourmaline or other protection stones at the entrance of your home or office or room.
  • If specifically for protection from the evil eye rocks/clusters can be placed on all four corners of the room or even the whole home area.


Remember all jewelry made with silver or any metal does tarnish with water, sweat, and perfume. The crystal yet continues to do its work.

Follow the steps, cleanse your crystals every two to three weeks and enjoy the magic you create with your crystals every day!

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