Lapis Lazuli - Mystic Blue and Gold

Lapis Lazuli. This beautiful blue stone has an equally beautiful name… I never get tired of twirling my tongue as I say it aloud. The gold flecks of pyrite lift the spirits as we look into the deep blue stone. This was my first crystal, in the form of a bracelet about 25 years ago, and the person who sold it to me said “yeh angrezon ko pasand aata he” (which means the foreigners from the west like this. He felt Indians don’t wear these stones). At that time I was only attracted to its beauty and was not aware of its properties. 

Lapis lazuli is called the wisdom stone. It is also the stone that helps you express the truth. It is a throat chakra stone and works wonderfully for any throat-related issues. I associate the throat with self-esteem. In my opinion, anyone with low self-esteem is unable to speak out or express themselves easily. This wisdom stone also awakens a need to know – or a quest for knowledge. But do take care as you may get more curious than required!

Wearing a lapis pendant or necklace will help you to speak out the truth as you know it and with ease. It helps those who cannot express, as well as those who tend to babble and speak too much, bringing a balance as it aligns the throat chakra to its rightful place. A good stone to use for teachers or any profession where you need to speak more than others. Carrying a lapis in your pocket when speaking at a gathering or a public place will give you the confidence you need. 

 Since communication is the bane of existence for all relationships, this stone helps you bond easily with truth and honesty. It brings harmony and a relaxed bond in relationships and friendships. 

 The Egyptians used Lapis as a talisman. The royalty was buried with this stone as part of their burial, as they believed it would help them cross over to the otherworld easily. The Egyptians also crushed it to use as eye shadow due to its beautiful color. Michael Angelo has used this in his paintings in the Sistine Chapel. 

 So why should you wear or carry a lapis? Some reasons are listed below. Most of all if you fall in love with the stone. Usually, it’s love at first sight for this one if it’s meant for you! 

  • You find it difficult to express yourself easily.
  • You find it hard to be honest and truthful in your relationships as you cannot speak out about what you feel. 
  • If you are self-critical and set very high standards for yourself, almost unrealistic ones. 
  • You find it hard to be yourself and speak easily in a large gathering, or while giving a presentation or a lecture.

 It can be worn in the form of jewelry. Keep a small stone on your bedside or under your pillow. Or just carry one in your pocket, and experience the magic of Lapis Lazuli.

 Nita Mehta 

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