moonstone helps to balance emotions and represents the feminine goddess energy.

Moonstone is a mysterious stone of pure feminine energy and connects the user to the divine goddess energy. It is a stone of magical intuition, fertility, love, and spirituality. It is a wonderful stone to balance emotions. It also connects to the moon's energy. Moonstone will calm the emotions – just as the moon calms the rising tide in an ocean. When holding a moonstone in your palm, you can connect to the water element. Moonstone will prepare you for new beginnings and changes, as well as help release emotions of the past traumas. Moonstones allow the user to connect with the feminine side of their mental, emotional, and physical selves. It helps one go through the ebbs and flows of life. 

Moonstone is found in many colors. All moonstones have similar healing and metaphysical properties, but with a special touch of their own.

White Moonstone - We have the white moonstone with its calm and controlled energy. It brings success in love and fertility issues. It helps remain calm while going through any changes in life. It is said to attract luck in life. White moonstone is called the stone of the new moon as it helps with change and new beginnings. It increases intuitive and psychic gifts and is good for problems with digestion. 

Grey or Silver Moonstone – This silvery grey moonstone is said to increase the love commitment and devotion in romantic relationships. Like the other moonstones, it also brings calm and allows one to go through life’s situations harmoniously. It is said to be a good stone to keep around you if having trouble sleeping. 

Peach Moonstone- Peach moonstone helps to release extreme emotions like anger and depression. It will help to rediscover the joy and reignite the passion for things you may enjoy doing. It will help connect with one’s inner self. It helps balance emotions and helps heal menstrual and digestive problems. 

Rainbow Moonstone- Rainbow moonstone has fire within, which shines like the colors of the rainbow. This stone balances the feelings of being low, or for those procrastinating. It gives protection to your psychic self and will help to attract the right people into your life. The blue flash of fire in the moonstone is captivating and if you are lucky enough to own such a piece, treasure it for it will connect with your emotional body just when you need it. 

Black Moonstone- Black moonstone is especially good for emotional protection for women and children. The goddess's energy is enhanced and this moonstone works with all the chakras. It works on the root chakra too but has soft and gentle energy, It is useful for those who perform any new moon rituals.

These observations are just based on experiences of various crystal users and can differ from your experience with Moonstone. Chose the one that calls out to you and experience the moon magic, specially during the new moon and full moon periods.

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