My experience with Moldavite

Moldavite! One of the most exciting stones for so many of us. I have been working with this wonder stone for a few years now and wrote a few posts in 2019 about it, which I am sharing here. I would like to thank Milan (my brother from the Pleiades currently in the Czech Republic, without whom the journey wouldn't have been possible) He shared with me his 20+ years of research. I also learned from the 50+ years of research of other scholars. Read to the end for my personal experiences with moldavite

 Some facts about the formation and history of Moldavite:

  • Moldavite was first discovered almost 250 years ago in the Vltava basin. 
  • Moldavites belong to the tektite group of natural glass. (In Greek ‘Tektos‘ means molten or fused). 
  • The Czech name of moldavite is Vltavin, (getting its name from the basin-Vltava). Moldavite is the German translation of (Vltava river- moldau).
  • South Bohemia and southwest Moravia are the localities in Czech where most of the Moldavites are found.
  • It is believed that moldavite only comes from Czech, but it has also been found in Prague, Poland, and Austria. 
  • It is believed Moldavite is a meteorite but in reality, it was formed due to the striking of a meteorite on the earth’s surface. Its major component is sand.

 An asteroid hitting earth with a speed of 11km/sec caused the target rock to melt and evaporate where parts of mass were sent flying in the upper layers of the atmosphere and into space. This glass-like material which then hit the ground hundreds of kilometers from the impact crater is presently known as moldavite.

The Moldavite/tektite impact crater in central Europe strewn field is considered to be in Ries near Stuttgart, Germany. Its age corresponding with the age of Moldavite is 14.7 million years. The total no of Moldavite produced is approx. 3000 tons. Of this,1% hit the ground (275 tons) and the rest 99% melted due to internal tension. This makes it a rare gem. It is believed that the total Moldavite found are only 300-500 thousand pieces. (We have over 100 pieces out of those in stock which makes me extremely happy ) 

 Shape, Texture & Inclusions:

The primary shape of Moldavite is known as splash form. Moldavites are mostly disc like, droplet like or elliptical. The most prevalent form in these is the droplet, with rarer forms in shapes of discs Most of the droplets, discs, dumbbell shapes were damaged during the formation itself. This is why we mostly find splash-forms of Moldavites. When these cooled pieces finally hit the ground, they were often damaged by the impact. 

The texture of Moldavite is currently considered as the result of sedimentary chemical corrosion. It is supported by the fact that at the moment of impact, a large number of sharp-edged fragments were created.

If Moldavite comes from an area with clay sediments characterized by an alkaline reaction of solutions (Southern Bohemia) there is a pyramidal micro sculptation that creates the matte velvet shine on the stone. On the contrary, if Moldavite comes from an area with sandy segments, It appears glass-like. The general surface of Moldavite is characterized mainly by flat holes.

'Lechatelierite' (in simple words silica or SiO2 or Glassy) is a common inclusion in Moldavite. Interestingly, SiO2 is not a mineral as it doesn't have a crystalline structure. Lechatelierite is easily identifiable in Moldavite due to Moldavite's transparency and its lack of any other inclusions.

Moldavite always contains a variable amount of microscopic bubbles. Bubbles can be round or elongated. These bubbles are probably gases released in thermic shock from pores of material rock.

 Synthetic and Natural Moldavite:

Is my moldavite natural? This question comes up very often. If you are a healer or an empath, you may get the answer by feeling the energy. However, I have seen many energy healers doubt their stones' authenticity and am giving below some tips to distinguish the natural from the synthetic.  

 Synthetic Moldavite has appeared in places where precious stones or minerals are not easily available. Synthetic Moldavite is an incorrect term for Moldavite since the mineral produced synthetically has an identical chemical composition as its natural equivalent. So, 'imitation' sounds more reasonable when we are talking about man-made Moldavites. Raw synthetic Moldavite first appeared in the market in 2010 during Mineral Show in Hong Kong, China. So far probably all synthetic Moldavite has been manufactured in China.

In 2013 a large number of Moldavites appeared in an exhibition of minerals in Hong Kong. These pieces are with a surface finish visually almost identical to the natural surface & seem to be a very successful imitation.


Tips to distinguish the natural from the synthetic:

  1.  Most artificially manufactured Moldavite are usually glossy in comparison to actual Moldavite. Synthetic Moldavite has their surface either significantly brighter (gloss caused by acid), or significantly matte (caused by etching the cast shape by Hydrofluoric acid)
  2.  The Surface of Natural Moldavite is usually very sharp. whereas synthetic Moldavite has almost smoother surface with grooves that may be equidistant from each other. A microscopic lens can be used to look at the damages on these grooves due to the tools used to cut it.
  3.  Synthetic Moldavite will have a whitish layer (formed due to the use of acid) when seen under a microscope. There might be a wax-like layer on top of it.
  4. Internal tension can be seen in natural Moldavite when seen under polarized light which would be missing in synthetic Moldavite.

 Chinese Moldavite looks so like natural Moldavites (having bubbles, patterns) which is not easy to detect with the naked eye. I have had a chance to study both types of synthetic Moldavites available in the market (glassy as well as matte)

On holding them in my hand, I also felt the energy in the synthetic one. But that energy wasn't too high. When I held real Moldavite, my head started to spin. They kept flying from my hand, kept jumping. It’s incredibly awesome to know these beings and over years I think we have become pals. 

Once I happened to ask Moldavites why there is so much fake stuff in the market, and the channelled answer I got was this - You can't buy us with money. You cannot own us, the day you will call us with all the love and good intent, we shall present to you. 

Moldavites for sure aren't mild beings, I remember the first time they came into my life, my amethyst plate broke, my jacket got torn and I was dizzy for a long time.  With all my heart I welcome you Moldavites with love.




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Varda Joshi

Varda Joshi

Thank you so much, buddy, for making these miraculous beauties available for us. It’s authentic, pure and natural.
Like you said with all LOVE I called upon my 1st Moldavite and got it through your website-
I would love to share my experience (though it’s not even a week I got my Moldavite.)
I noticed that Moldavite has started to shower his love upon me since when I placed its order through your website. (No kidding- I have some synchronicities played in my life.) When I was opening the package, I heard someone from another apartment was practising the flute. The melody was awesome and just right at the time when I opened and held moldavite for the first time. My heart was pumping and I could feel the vibrations and a sense of calm within. Such a bliss it was.
It’s not even a week and I have started noticing changes in my inner and outer world. It has directly hit my anger, I was made aware of my shadows- anger, fear, frustrations, restlessness and EGO. I could see every shadow of mine with awareness and it started with its acceptance and compassion. I even become more compassionate, considerate, my tone has mellowed down. I am now becoming aware whenever I am not vibrating high or engrossed with all my shadows from time to time.

One day I was wearing my Moldavite btw his name is Alexandr, somehow for some reason, I was so agitated and felt restless, got angry at the same time. I felt like removing my moldavite as its energy was too much to handle at that time.
When I kept it aside at my table he told me, "see, we are not vibing together and that’s why this discomfort, you need to ground yourself. I grounded myself, understood that with my shadows I was vibrating low. I completely accepted, worked on it and then when felt at ease, I wore it again and we were together comfortably.

I am learning from him so much and he is surely doing wonders in my life. Thanks to Nitaji and you through which I met him. :)

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