Questions of crystal healing answered!
Crystals have been a part of the healing modality for almost as long as human beings have been able to mine, dig and explore. Today as the world moves towards exploring different healing techniques, crystals are making a comeback in their popularity. With this awareness come some questions about crystal healing.
What exactly is crystal healing?
Crystal healing is an alternate method of healing that uses the natural healing powers of various crystals and the ability of a crystal to change the flow of energy – change low energy to higher energy, absorb harmful energy, and even emit a soft nurturing energy.
How old is crystal healing?
The origin of crystal healing goes back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, China as well as India. Crystals were used in practice due to their metaphysical properties and their ability to promote the flow of energy that helps cleanse the body and mind of the user of negative energy. Crystals have also been used for their medicinal properties in ancient China, while the first historically documented use of crystals dates back to the ancient Sumerian civilization. There also have been written records where it is believed the people of Atlantis used crystals. In India, crystals and other semi-precious gemstones have been synonymous with the practice of astrology where a person has been suggested certain crystals bring balance to a certain area of their life.
How should we begin working with a crystal to heal?
While starting your crystal healing journey, identify which area of your life you would like to heal or work on. After identifying the area of focus, you can choose the crystal associated with it. As an example, if you are looking to invite in loving energy or just have a more loving environment the crystal healer you need is rose quartz which is best known for the soft, gentle, and loving energy. At Talk to Crystals, we have a curated section for crystals and different crystal combinations as per your intention. You may find, that there may be many crystals that are suggested for the same purpose. In this case, you can choose the crystal that you feel the strongest pull towards. The same applies to choosing your crystal shape – be it small tumbles, a large cluster, or jewelry. Pick what you feel the most connected to as each shape and form has its own set of benefits. As a beginner who wants to work with only one crystal every day, jewelry is a great choice. If looking for wearable crystal combinations, we have a curated set of bracelets as per the intention and area of focus. For larger spaces, be it homes or offices, a larger form, and shape of a crystal would be more beneficial.
How long will it take to see the healing effect of a crystal?
We recommend 21 to 45 days to see a difference once you choose to work with a crystal. The person and the crystal need to familiarise themselves with each other and understand the energies. The timeline of healing does differ from person to person and is also affected by how frequently they use the crystal. Remember the intention you use to program your crystal is important for the crystal to work with you. Once you feel that the crystal has begun the healing, you can choose to place it in your home or use it on your person, or in meditation to work and heal .
Can crystals be used along with modern medicine?
Crystals most certainly can be used along with modern medicine, 'along' being the keyword here. Crystals cannot replace any medical treatment but can support it and accelerate the healing. It is necessary to note that while crystals have excellent healing powers, if you suffer from any ailment or injury that needs medical attention, always get the necessary medical help and use crystals in conjunction with the medically prescribed treatment. Crystals are believed to be ancient and compassionate beings, thus they will work with you to help and heal under any circumstance without you having to give up modern medicine.
Are the crystals available today authentic and effective, and how can we as a consumer know?
Yes, the crystals sourced or purchased from reputed sellers are authentic and effective. An easy way to check the authenticity is to look at the places the crystals and stones have been sourced from. At Talk to Crystals, we source our crystals from the highest quality mines and reserves from all across the world.

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