3 Best Crystals for Sleep and Insomnia

 3 Best Crystals for Sleep and Insomnia 

We humans need to sleep to recover our physical and mental energy. So do other living beings. Some hibernate for months together, and others like bats hang on trees to recover their energy. Many of us find it hard to sleep peacefully. Crystals are one of nature’s gifts to us to help us when we find it hard to sleep easily. A few of these are Amethyst, Selenite, and Mangano Calcite.


Amethyst is a high vibration crystal. It raises the vibration of any space it is placed in. It helps us release stress calms the nerves.

The purple color of this stone fills one with meditative calm. One of the reasons for lack of peaceful sleep is anxiety, worry, or stress. Amethyst helps us feel better when we are feeling any or all of these emotions. It is known as a natural tranquilliser and keeping a small geode or

cluster on our bedside table will help give a restful sleep. The form you would like to use this crystal is a personal choice. You hold the stone in your hands as you prepare to sleep in the form of a palm stone, cabochon, or tumble stone. Or just place a large rough piece, cluster, or geode to help you release the stress and enjoy a peaceful sleep.


Selenite is another high vibration stone that helps with relaxation. This beautiful white translucent stone carries energy that soothes and calms any feelings of restlessness. It also dispels any fears and removes energetic attacks or psychic hooks one may be going through in their day-to-day routine. If at the end of your day you feel confused, or indecisive about something, selenite is one of the best stones to sleep with under your pillow. It will cleanse your auric energy and help you relax enough to sleep well. A selenite wand or palm stone works well if placed under your pillow or on your bedside. Using a selenite lamp is another option.


Mangano Calcite

If your sleeplessness is due to an emotional upset, or a relationship issue, Mangano calcite is the stone for you. It is also known as pink calcite and awakens feelings of love for yourself which makes one feel good about who they are. It is a beautiful pink stone with bands running through and just holding it in your hands will bring peaceful and loving energy. Mangano Calcite brings back the feeling of self-confidence, boosts self-esteem, and is helpful when dealing with grief due to the loss of a person or a relationship. I love this in a tumbled stone form, as the softness of the stone is enhanced with the smooth texture. Its gentle energy will allow you to relax and relaxation is sleep-inducing.

Spending time with any crystals will allow the crystal to give you the benefit of its healing properties. Use one or a combination of these to enjoy your time of relaxation and sleep.

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