What does it mean when a crystal breaks or is lost?

What does it mean when a crystal breaks or is lost?

Does your heart ache when your favorite crystal breaks or gets misplaced?

Mine does too! It’s not something that happens very often, but when it does it’s like losing a friend. This makes us sad and we miss the presence of that crystal. However, taking it as a negative event is not something to ponder about. Crystals do break and get lost or misplaced, and often we put a meaning to it or take it as a sign.

So why do crystals break? Or why do they disappear?

Crystals are from the family of rocks, stones, and minerals and like them, they can break or get chipped or develop cracks when dropped from a height. So when we drop them or knock them off by mistake, they break. This is the simplest reason and is true most of the time. You could damage a crystal while traveling or it could get damaged while transporting it. But sometimes a crystal could break for no logical reason at all, and that's when we look at the mystical reason for crystals leaving us.

Crystals are used for healing and protection and absorb negative energy. Sometimes the negative energy absorbed by the crystals is too much for the crystal to hold. If the crystal is not cleansed in time, it may split or break without any reason. This is especially true for the protection crystals. All crystals need cleansing and charging. Read our blog on this here.

Crystals can shatter if the person wearing them is at the receiving end of a psychic attack. Again this is usually true for the crystals worn for protection. More than one client has come to me with stories about how their black tourmaline pendant broke into pieces, or how their bracelet snapped!

Sometimes a particular crystal comes to you to support you for a phase in your life. Once it has done its work and you don’t need its healing anymore it may decide to move on. We think it’s lost. The crystal you may be missing is with someone who needs it more than you at the time. The phrase 'Finders Keepers' holds true for crystals! It may even reappear when you need its support again. I still wonder about a tiny clear quartz cluster I had bought many years ago. I was not so familiar with crystals then and thought it was broken and thrown away by one of my home cleaning helpers. When I moved to a new home… there it was! Spreading its beautiful vibrations. I do not remember packing or unpacking it at all.

Tanvi’s storyTanvi is a reiki healer and teacher. Her lapis and chalcedony necklace that gave her a lot of support when she was healing was missing. She could not find it for many months. Before she began her Reiki classes, she wished she had her necklace for her first teaching class… and there it was. Exactly where she had looked for it a dozen times. 


Some crystals cannot take the change in extreme temperatures, and the heat or extreme cold and that could be the reason for them to develop cracks over time. Sometimes the existing cracks or marks (which are a part of the crystal’s personality) may go through changes due to the temperature change. They may look larger and one may feel the crystal is damaged.

Can we then use these broken/cracked crystals?

If your crystal has been carved into the shape of a figurine or an angel, we recommend replacing it. You can glue it together and it could be used as a part of your décor if you like. However, it’s best to bury it in the earth or throw the pieces in a flowing river.

If your broken crystal is a raw crystal, you can cleanse the different parts and use them as two crystals. If there are very tiny pieces you could use them in your plants, or a candle. If you feel that you cannot use these parts, bury them in the earth and return the crystal to its resting place to be healed and whole again.

The next time your crystal breaks, remember it's taken on something that may have had a negative effect on you and kept you safe. Remember it with gratitude and love. And if your crystal has disappeared, it's out there being a friend to someone who needs it right now, and will be back to support you soon!

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