Use Sound vibrations to cleanse and charge your crystals

The world of crystals is fascinating for most. Once you have connected to the crystal magic, there is no going back! Crystals are beings with energy and vibrations. This is experienced when we hold a crystal in our hands. It will either pulsate or give a tingling feeling when held.

Choosing the right crystal is only one part of your crystal journey. Once you have chosen your crystal it’s best to take it through a cleansing and charging process. Crystals tend to absorb energy, both negative and positive from the environment, or the people who may have handled it. Hence a cleansing process before using them is important.

Cleansing is recommended at least once every 2 to 4 weeks.

To cleanse your crystal, first hold it under running cold water for a few seconds or up to a minute. The larger ones too! Once you have washed the crystals, you can use any one of the below methods to further cleanse and charge them.

 SMUDGING WITH SAGE – Sage is a natural herb. Burning sage has been a cleansing ritual since ancient times. It not only removes unwanted bacteria from any space, but Sage smoke is also excellent for cleansing crystals. Traditionally the burning sage stick is kept in an abalone shell, but if you don’t own one, use a suitable container. Hold the crystal over the sage smoke for a few seconds to cleanse them.

 SOUND VIBRATIONS – Sound vibrations help to change the vibrations of crystals too. Use a singing bowl to use sound vibrations to cleanse crystals by placing them around the bowl, or even inside the bowl. Singing bowls are made of metal and a wooden mallet is used to play the bowl. Crystals love the vibrations and the sound that emanates from a metal bowl.

 EARTH – Crystals are from the earth and some earth time will do wonders for their vibrations. Bury or partially bury the crystal in the earth, in a garden, or a flowerpot. Keep it buried overnight or for 24 hours for cleansing.

 SALT & SALTWATER – We recommend using sea salt or rock salt for this method. Dip the crystal in sea salt or rock salt dissolved in water for a few hours, or overnight. A word of caution here, as not all crystals enjoy the salt, and some may get damaged. Make sure you do your research before using salt or dipping them in saltwater. Many crystals can dissolve in water, so make sure you never dip those in water. 

MOONLIGHT – Keep your crystals out in your window/ balcony or garden to bathe in the beautiful moon energy. All crystals love the moon's energy. The best day to do this is on a full moon night, but you can keep them out on other nights too if you forget.

 SUNLIGHT – Some crystals can be cleansed in the sunlight too. Take care about which crystals you keep in the sunlight. Some of the softer-colored crystals may fade in color. Their healing properties are not affected even if faded though.

 Your crystal is cleansed and ready for use.

 Crystals can be used to enhance your life in the area you need help with. This could be your career or education, or a relationship-related area, or just for a feel-good factor.

Hold the crystal in your palm and cover it with your other hand. Ask the crystal deva or the crystal spirit to work with that area of your life and intend that the crystal should work in your best interest. Even if there is no area of your life you need the crystal for, just intend that it should work for you. As you do this, imagine the energy of your body connecting with the energy of the crystal you hold. If you have more than one crystal, this needs to be done individually for each. Spend 5 to 10 minutes with each crystal every day.

Each crystal is unique in its energy, and you will find your connection growing with them as you spend time connecting to them. If you meditate, it’s a good idea to hold the crystal while meditating to go into a deeper trance or relaxation.

Keep the crystals on your bedside, under your pillow, or on your work table. Crystals work best when placed within your aura, or as close to it as possible. Carry them in your pocket, or wear them in the form of jewelry. Feel the change in your mind, body, and energy as you work with your chosen crystals each day.


Nita Mehta 


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Parna Banerjee Chaki

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