Sahil Jain, the founder of Talk to Crystals began his crystal journey when a friend gifted him a small Ganesh figure in green aventurine along with a calcite pyramid. He found he could easily connect to the crystals and even receive messages from them. He always felt he was from another world, and he suddenly found his world. The world of crystals.

An engineering graduate from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, he started a corporate career as expected but his heart was not in it. After only 2 years he decided to let go of this lucrative career and follow his heart and his calling.

He learned about the different crystals through regular channels like the internet and books, but his major learning was from the ascended masters who gave him unique information about the crystals. This quest for crystals made him realize that India had very few outlets for the kind of stones he was looking for, and so he began to import crystals from other countries. Since importing meant a larger quantity than he could use, he began selling those to other crystal lovers. That’s how his business was born. He calls it a divine path, where he just flowed with what the universe brought his way.

He has been connected to spiritual healing since childhood. He has done several programs on Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Chakra Clearing, Universal Energy Attunement and Channelings. He has been helping people all around the world.

Today Talk to Crystals is selling more than 5000 types of crystal products originating in India, Brazil, Morocco, Russia, Chzeck Republic and various other countries all around the globe. The products are available online as well as from our office in Gurgaon, India.

Each product has been selected with love and care by Sahil and his team. A lot of care is taken to wash, cleanse, grade and make the crystals magical and ready to use for those who are to use them.

As we all know, it is not we who choose the crystals, but the crystals that choose us. Do connect in case you need any other information.