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Tiger Eye Earrings (Courage)#Style_round stud earrings
Tiger Eye Earrings (Courage)
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Seven Chakra Tree of Life EarringSeven Chakra Tree of Life Earring
Howlite Cone Shape Earrings (Peace & Patience)Howlite Cone Shape Earrings (Peace & Patience)
Red Jasper Cone Shape Earrings (Stamina & Stability)Red Jasper Cone Shape Earrings (Stamina & Stability)
Garnet Tree-Of-Life Earrings (Vitality & Commitment)Garnet Tree-Of-Life Earrings (Vitality & Commitment)
Carnelian Pipe Multi-bead Earrings (Creativity)Carnelian Pipe Multi-bead Earrings (Creativity)
Shungite Square Bead Hanging Earrings (Detoxification)Shungite Square Bead Hanging Earrings (Detoxification)

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