Do Crystals Communicate? How?

Do Crystals Communicate? Do you get a message when you hold a crystal?

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of crystals and are trying to understand them better. When I first began to use crystals for healing work, I had high expectations. Very often I heard from others that the crystal “told” them where to be placed. Some said they get messages from the crystals they work with. That did not happen to me.

Does this mean that the crystal in question has a voice, or there is a sudden vision where the crystals begin to give direction and knowledge to the person working with them? Not in my experience, but I do have friends who hear them talk.
The difference between crystals and rocks is that the particles in the rocks are arranged haphazardly, whereas in a crystal they are arranged in a geometric pattern. That gives crystals a much higher vibration.

 Do Crystals Really Communicate?

  • Crystals do communicate. The truth. Let me explain my interpretation of this.
  • When I hold a crystal in my palm and close my fist around it, it pulsates. I call that communication. It then gives me a good feeling, not the best feeling, or maybe a neutral feeling. That’s how a crystal chooses to go home with you from a shop.
  • Many crystals when placed in a room, give a sense of calm, or a vibrant energy. That’s what I call communication.
  • Sometimes I meditate with a crystal in my hand, or even in my lap. I get an idea or the answer to something I may have been thinking about for some time. I call that communication with the crystals too.
  • When using a crystal for healing, my hand reaches out to one of the many I have around me. That too is a crystal communication.
  • To conclude, we can say that crystals communicate with each person in a unique manner. You create your own language with them. Just as you would speak to an infant, who has not learned the language yet, so it is with crystals. The best way to do this is to meditate with them. In case you do not meditate, you can just hold them in your hand and sit silently for a few minutes. Or just sleep with them under your pillow.
  • Do let me know how it works for you and feel free to ask any questions.

Nita Mehta


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