Crystals for protection from energy vampires. Wear them as jewellry or carry them in your pocket and feel vibrant.

How many times have you felt drained after meeting a friend or an acquaintance? Does it happen every time you meet this friend? Your friend is draining your energy.

Have you ever felt claustrophobic when meeting some people even though the space is open and there is no crowd?  

If yes, you need protection from the people around you. Someone is drawing energy and draining the vibrancy from you.

This does not mean the person you are connecting with is at fault or is doing something wrong. However, it does mean you need to protect yourself from these ‘energy vampires’. An energy vampire is a person who subconsciously sucks your energy due to their need. This could be someone you love very much too. A member of your family, a close friend, or a client/customer (maybe even a valued one).

What are the crystals to use for protection from energy vampires? How can you retain your vibrancy and continue your daily routine or work? Read on! 

Black Obsidian – Obsidian tops the list for protection from energy vampires. It is a root chakra stone and helps remain grounded. It gives all-around protection and helps conserve your energy. You can wear this as jewellery or just carry a small tumble stone in your pocket. 

Garnet – Garnet will help you retain your vibrancy or your joy. Sometimes we meet a person or a group that makes you feel listless, or even tired physically. Garnet will maintain that energy level you had before you went into that meeting.

Tiger Eye – Tiger Eye (yellow/brown tiger eye) will allow you to come out of any feeling of being inadequate, or any fears that may come up after having met a person or a group of people. If you feel lethargic after a meeting, this is your protection stone.

Malachite- Malachite can protect you from being emotionally sad. It safeguards your emotional quotient. It clears any negative energy in your aura.

Blue Kyanite – Blue kyanite will give protection to you from any psychic hooks , especially in your throat area. It will also ensure your reaction in words will be wise!

Amethyst – An amethyst worn for energetic protection will allow you to remain focused in the right direction. It helps enhance your intuition and protects you from making wrong decisions.

Clear Quartz – A clear quartz can be worn along with any of the above crystals to amplify and enhance the effects of the crystal.

Interactions with other people are not always joyful, and if you can identify the feeling that comes up for you, pick your crystal for protection. It’s okay to use more than one at a time too, as these can all be worn together.

Choose the form that attracts you most. If you enjoy wearing jewellery, a pendant, bracelet, ring, or an anklet is available for you. If not, just carry a small tumble stone in your pocket.

If you are a healer or someone who interacts with people in their professional life every day, use a black kyanite to cut chords and remain detached.


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