Difference Between CITRINE & PYRITE

Difference Between CITRINE & PYRITE 

When looking for crystals to increase your wealth one often has to choose the right crystal. Two of the most recommended ones are Citrine and Pyrite. Should you choose one or use both? And in what form? Both stones have many healing properties apart from attracting wealth. Read on to see what works for you!


This is a yellow crystalline stone that is part of the Quartz family. It also comes in pale yellow to a brownish orangish yellow tinge.

It is said that Citrine is connected with the energy of the Sun. It evokes warmth. Using Citrine brings a significant increase in the sense of happiness. We find a path of light and enjoyment in life. Citrine is a stone of Solar Plexus Chakra. At a physical level, it helps in improved gut health and strengthened endurance. The feeling of optimism is enhanced with more cheerful favorable situations. It uplifts the energy of the home and promotes wellness and vitality. A radiant flow of energy in and around the body and mind is also felt by the one who connects with it. It’s believed that Citrine boosts self-esteem and confidence thus stimulating the intellect of its bearer. On wearing Citrine, the focus is channelized to attain growth on the personal and career front. It assists in the tendency to save money leading to monetary abundance. It has been called the ‘merchants stone’ and in the old days, merchants place some citrine in their cash boxes.
Natural citrine is rare and most of the citrine found in clusters, geodes or tumbles is usually heat treated. Heat-treated citrine works too, especially when used for wealth manifestation and career development.
Place Citrine on the work desk, or place a geode or cluster as part of your home décor. It is said placing a citrine on your left at the entrance of your space will attract money abundance. Keep It in the home locker or wallet with an intention that you wish to manifest with faith. Wear it in the form of a bracelet or pendant or carry a tumble in your pocket.


This stone of the earth derives its name from the Greek word Pyr which means the Fire, comes in lustrous metallic greenish black to a brownish black brassy gold color resembling Gold. It signifies purity. When first discovered, it was mistaken for gold, and is still known as ‘fools gold’.
Pyrite welcomes prosperity and wealth thus building up self-confidence level. A stone of protection shields the wearer in all ways. It clears off toxic patterns and fades the negativity in the path. A state of freedom is sensed which leads to clarity in mind and strengthening of physical endurance is witnessed as it balances the male energy in both males and females who work Pyrite. It encourages the user to have courage and feel a sense of worthiness. When there are days, you are exhausted, having pyrite around or wearing it or holding it helps overcome tiredness. Pyrite creates stability by helping you to achieve what you desire. It balances the Solar Plexus Chakra and prepares you to embrace life again by rekindling old passions. Pyrite- A stone of action elevates the sense of determination to take up challenging tasks or face situations boldly.
Place it in the southeast corner of your office or home to attract wealth and help with money stuck and owed to you. Wearing pyrite will bring wealth into your life by helping you to work and take action towards your goals.

To Summarize:

Both CITRINE and PYRITE are associated with solar plexus chakra. Both attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity. They help resolve monetary issues also create financial stability in life. Both are stones that will help you move into the action phase after the planning stage. So should you choose one? And which one is best for you? Or maybe you feel you need both and wish to work with them one by one.
  • The first thing to consider is what calls out to you or resonates with you. If that is clear, use your intuition and pick the one for you
  • If you are looking to manifest and improve your career, and reach your goals, Citrine is the one for you. Are you lacking enthusiasm about your work and missing joy in life, Citrine will bring that for you.
  • If looking for more grounding, energetic protection, and recovering stuck money, Pyrite is the one for you. Pyrite will help you focus on your goals in a grounded manner.
  • Both Citrine and Pyrite come in the form of clusters to be placed around your space. Citrine can also be found in the form of Geodes, Cathedrals, or Caves. Bots crystals can be worn in the form of jewelry by men and women.

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