Crystals for the Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home as each person living in the home connects to the kitchen! A kitchen needs to be full of love, health, and enthusiasm as well as good taste. Cooking is one of the languages of love. To enhance the experience of cooking one can take the help of crystal vibrations.

Begin by placing a Selenite in your kitchen to gently cleanse the energies in the kitchen. Selenite can be placed near the entrance of the kitchen in case you have a large kitchen space. Or else place all the below-mentioned crystals in a pretty container and allow them to do their work.

Stir in some love with Rose Quartz! The crystal of love will aid the person who is cooking to stay calm and cook from a place of love. This crystal will also imbue all the food prepared with loving energy. Whether the meal is for oneself or for others, having rose quartz in the kitchen will enhance the feeling of care and affection. It will bring meaning to the saying, “When the heart is full, the belly is full”.

Wisdom and Calm come with Amethyst. This master healer works on soothing the mind and body. Better health equals better absorption of nutrients from the food. Apart from the physical benefits, mentally Amethyst helps in maintaining a calm mind. Amethyst generally is excellent for raising vibrations and works well in combination with rose quartz. 

Bring in some joy with Citrine! This beautiful yellow crystal brings happiness and vitality. Placing a citrine in the kitchen brings joy to the activity. It also makes the kitchen a cheerful place. Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus and physically benefits the organs located in this area, namely the stomach, gall bladder, liver and pancreas. Citrine also gives the will to work efficiently and with a feeling of joy.

Spice it up with Carnelian! A stone of passion and enthusiasm, carnelian helps boost creativity. It opens you up to trying new recipes and new foods. Carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra. It helps in maintaining the digestive fire. It also balances the sacral and physically improves liver function as well as gall bladder health. Overall, the positive impact on the physical body aids in better health and nutrition. It may help get creative in the presentation of the dishes for those inclined.

Detox with Shungite. An excellent crystal for detoxing, Shungite is especially helpful in clearing the area of any electromagnetic chaos that may be present in the kitchen due to the kitchen appliances. Shungite also helps protect against any negative influences or energies while cooking. It also works as a purifier, and shungite infused water can aid in better digestive health. It is also a great grounding stone.

Placing Clear Quartz with any or all of these will amplify their properties. Shapes to consider would be large tumble stones or smooth shapes like spheres, hearts and palm stones to spread the energy in all the directions.

Happy cooking!

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