The Magical Crystal Master Class with Sahil

On Saturday 15th June, a few of us gathered in the magical Crystal 'Garden' of Talk to Crystals. 'Crystal Garden' is what we call this delightful space we have created with all our large Crystals, the center of attraction being Stuart, a Clear quartz Cluster from Brazil. He weighs 270 kgs, and is the apple of our eyes.

The experience began as we held a star garnet sphere in the palm of our hands, as Sahil guided us to the mystical crystal cave. The crystal cave was beyond all imagination. The walls seemed lined with glistening quartz in all colors, Amethyst and Clear Quartz being the primary ones. Each of us went deeper in a meditative state, almost like a fantasy with our favourite crystals. Embracing the Rose Quartz mountain was the highlight. opening and expanding our heart chakras. Connecting us together like stars in a constellation, connected with a divine energy.

We were then guided to feel the energy of the garnet we held in our palms. that kept us grounded as we floated through the mystical realm of the crystal world. Garnet has an empowering vibration. We understood its healing power as we connected with the spirit of Garnet. For one person, it worked on healing her kidneys and for some it brought relief to any aches or pains they had in their physical body. For another it brought a feeling of fulfilment, love and passion. For some others it brought support from the universe and they understood that their feelings of being unsupported were just a part of their belief. We all agreed it was a stone of vitality. For me it helped bring support and cure the pain in my neck and shoulders which have been strained for some time now. We understood with the guided process how garnet worked on our physical body. It is a root chakra stone , but also works with the sacral chakra. 

The next crystal we worked with was the Libyan Desert Glass - a pale yellow crystal from the Egyptian desert. We chose our special crystal from the tray, and once again Sahil guided us to feel its energy and it was a marvelous experience for each person present. For me the experience was extraordinary. Even though i have worked with it before, nothing prepared me for this. One moment i was sitting on a cushion with this tiny stone in my hand, and in a flash I was radiating the energy of the sun. I felt like a divine goddess. A golden oval shaped orb engulfed me and the golden rays radiated out of this orb in all directions in perfect synchronicity. We understood that this stone had the energy of the sun. It brings joy, it removes limiting beliefs. It also helps us to 'remove the veil' and be aware of our true power. It works on the solar plexus chakra and removes illusions we may have about ourselves. One person felt her solar plexus chakra was activated that day, and her belief that she was not a 'master' in her own power was released, and she felt her own power. Another felt she connected to the oasis in the desert which this stone represents. She felt she could not visualize, and yet on this day she was seeing visions. One of us connected to the Egyptian era, and felt she was a statue of a pharoah in gold. For everyone present, it was an experience of going past our limiting beliefs. It feels like a very light stone and when held, but its depth has much to be explored.

Finally we were asked to work with Moldavite - the exciting and mystical moldavite. There is so much said and written about it, and after choosing our crystals we were guided once more by Sahil to feel it's fiery energy. Each one of us felt it's green fire spread from our palm to our arms and to the whole body.  It's fast paced energy took us zipping through the universe. 

 Interesting Fact - Moldavite is not a meteorite. It was formed when a giant meteorite crashed into the earth millions of years ago. It comes from the Czech Republic and has a glass based structure. It's amazing formations often lead to wild imaginations!



We zipped through the universe as if sitting on a fast paced vehicle and our souls just moved through the dimensions. For some it felt like it was beyond their control and it was all they could do to hang on!  We were taken through dimensions never seen before, maybe even galaxies that are yet unexplored. On sharing later, each person shared they felt they were in a trance. For me the piece i had in my hand felt very special and i connected with it beautifully. As we moved through the different dimensions, i felt myself stop at one level. I could see some doors in a passage which were closed. These opened one by one , and on peeping through i could see the universe with stars within. I was told these doors are now opening for me. I followed Sahil's voice and left this dimension to be explored at another time. Time stood still for me like i was home. The blood rushed to my heart and it felt expanded. I think i fell in love with the moldavite in my hand! I couldn't let it go for a long time.

This was the final stone of the class that day, and no one really wanted it to end. No one wanted to release the moldavite or lose their connection to it. Magic happened in this class. Love and Magic. 

By Nita Mehta (for Talk to Crystals)



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