Crystals for Diabetes - Balance the Sugar in your body with Crystals


Human beings are social animals and thrive on love and relationships. Growing up we want love from our parents and siblings. Later from our romantic partners, and finally from our children or others around us. There are times when love is no longer in our life. There is no sweetness, no enthusiasm, and sometimes no interest in life. This creates emotional imbalances and there is a craving for sweetness that has become missing. This emotional feeling can be the cause of sugar imbalance in the body. Along with medication, it’s very important to take up a healthy lifestyle, to add love, self-care, kindness, and sweetness in life. Crystals can help do this.

Crystals are from the earth and they hold the properties of nature’s elements (sun- fire, moon, and oceans – water, earth, and ether). These powerful healing stones send positive healing energy into your body. They absorb negative toxic energy. Their vibration and frequency are beneficial in uplifting the mind in a very natural and subtle manner. Crystals can also help balance and match the misaligned energy levels. This makes your mind happier as you feel loved. You become energetic since the body responds to the mind.

Listed below are some crystals that can help to control diabetes and balance sugar levels in the body. We do not advise giving up any medication as crystals help support the medication and are not a cure for any disease. In time, with the help of crystals, you may find the medication has reduced or changed, but do stick to the medical advice given to you.

Rhodochrosite – It is a heart chakra stone and instills the feeling of love. If you are looking for love in life this is for you. It heals emotional stress and gives the wearer a sense of peace and serenity, hence uplifting the mood. When love runs in the mind and body everything is balanced and so is our immune system. It helps one forgive the past, and forgive themselves and others around them, bringing emotional peace.

Pink Opal This stone opens our hearts to receiving love. It is known as the stone of resolution and helps repair damaged relationships that may have caused emotional pain. It eases stress and brings calm to relationships.


Amazonite – A stone of hope, courage, and happiness, it helps you give clarity to set boundaries and self-discipline. An excellent stone to look upon during stress. It also balances energies. Amazonite works on the upper heart and the throat chakra, bringing a sense of self-worth which is love-based and not ego-based. This helps the wearer to have the strength and courage to achieve anything they put their mind to.

Yellow Calcite – A powerful stone that amplifies energy. If you are looking for a boost in your energy then this will help you by enhancing your physical energy and increasing your strength and vitality. It rekindles your willpower, personal growth, and self-worth. It also has powerful manifestation properties. It helps rediscover joy.


Tigers Eye – A stone of action works on the solar plexus chakra. If your need is to shift focus and have an active lifestyle then Tiger's eye is your companion. It shifts focus by encouraging a more active approach to life.

Seraphinite – To have a lifestyle change we have to break some or many of our old thought processes and patterns to adopt new ones. That is what you are looking for? Then Serapinite will help you break old patterns thus inducing joy in life.

Malachite – This brilliant green stone is rejuvenating. A physical healing stone that fights illness and also keeps us at bay. A stone that helps keep the pancreas healthy. It is a stone of transformation, and if going through some changes emotionally mentally, or physically malachite is a good stone to have.

Clear Quartz - This is known as a master healer and works with all the crystals amplifying their properties. This can be used with any of the above crystals to give a boost to their power.

To summarise -

  • Rhodochrosite for unconditional love relieves emotional stress or guilt.
  • Amazonite to revive hope happiness and courage by setting healthy boundaries for a disciplined life
  • Yellow Calcite for boosting overall physical energy, for personal growth
  • Tigers Eye for a focused encouraging enthusiastic life and taking action.
  • Seraphinite to break old patterns and induce joy and happiness in life.
  • Malachite is a healing stone for any illness and for a rejuvenating life.
  • Clear Quartz to boost the healing process.

Using a few or all the above crystals in combination will help heal the core issue that has brought about the sugar imbalance. Meditating with these crystals will help one reach the core issue which has brought about the emotional disturbances.

You can use these crystals in the form of bracelets or other jewelry, or just place  tumbles or raw stones around you. Check our recommended bracelet for balancing sugar levels in the body.

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