Difference between Rhodochrosite-Rhodonite-Rose Quartz-explained.

Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, and Rose quartz are all heart chakra stones. Which one works for you is sometimes difficult to understand and choose. Suggestions of these three come for attracting love, a soulmate, or a partner in life. It’s important to understand that these are not ‘lucky charms’ to keep so that magically your soul mate finds you. They work on your heart chakra, and activate it, bringing about a change in your vibration. This in turn attracts romance, friendships, and love in your life. You may find all three resonate with you, and that’s fine too. Yet you may find yourself working with them one at a time.


This pretty pink opaque stone has circular orb-like markings, in pink, grey, and white. Rhodochrosite can be a light pink to deep rose pink, depending on the quality of the stone, as well as it's place of origin. These wavy lines and circles give it the appearance of layers, and that’s exactly how it throws out it’s vibrations. Personally, I prefer the really deep pink with hardly any lines or waves, but for healing the lines and orbs make more sense. So if you are attracted to one with many wavy lines, go for it without a thought, as you are now ready to be healed. This is a stone that will connect you to divine and universal love ultimately. It may begin with working on self-love at the base level, and then as you evolve, it can take you deeper into the understanding of love at the soul level. Rhodochrosite will help you to accept yourself as you are, and accept others as they are. It will allow you to receive love. It will create a balance in the giving and receiving of love, working both on the back and front heart chakra. This stone will carry your love energy from the third dimension understanding to the fifth dimension removing one layer after another. As you overcome the blocks of one layer, you move on to the next until you reach a state of divine love even in the toughest of situations. Are you ready for love at your soul level? This one’s for you then! 


Rhodonite is found in shades of pink, usually with some black veins in it. The black is due to the presence of some form of manganese oxides. The colors will depend on the place of origin of the crystals. Rhodonite is a relationship healing stone, dealing with the here and now in any relationship. It deals with the physical and emotional aspect of love between people rather than the spiritual or self-love aspect. If going through a relationship that needs more understanding, or one that needs rejuvenation of feelings, this is a wonderful stone to help with that. It will keep you grounded and centered as you heal and open your heart chakra and allow yourself to merge with the vibration of love. Rhodonite will help you handle the feelings of emotional hurt or trauma after a breakup or when you have lost someone you love. It gives relief to grief and brings understanding and empathy to your loved ones.

Rose Quartz

This soft and gentle pink coloured stone emanates a vibration of peace harmony and love. It is found in pastel pink shades and its gentle energy makes it suitable for keeping around infants and children too. Rose quartz brings harmony to all relationships. It brings a loving attitude in all relationships, including your relationship with the universe, or the divine source. It gives freshness to a new romance and will bring peace to existing ones. Rose quartz when placed in a home, will encourage a feeling of love within the family. If placed in an office or place of work, it will create understanding amongst co-workers and colleagues. A great present for your boss, if you can place it on his or her work table. It has feminine energy and can balance the yin yang in those who have an aggressive disposition.

Now that you know which of the above to use depending on your situation. Or which one you can connect or resonate with, you would need to decide what form to use the selected stone in. If you are someone who enjoys wearing jewellery – a pendant is a good option as it will be closest to the heart chakra. Rings, bracelets, and earrings are other jewelry options. You could keep a larger piece in figurine or free form or in the raw rock form around you. Crystals work best when they are in your aura.

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