Difference between Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx and Black Agate

Difference between Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx and Black Agate

Healing Stones and Crystals like Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Agate or Black Onyx are recommended for energetic protection, psychic attacks, and grounding. A very common question is which one of these is the best for you.

Even though the rough forms of all these are very different, sometimes the polished forms are difficult to recognise. All of them are excellent for protection but there are some physical and energetic differences between them. All four resonate with the root chakra and the earth star chakra. Read on till the end to see what to consider when you choose your protection stone.


Black Tourmaline in the rough form will have lines running through and has many abrasions. These can often be seen even in their polished form. Those who may be new to crystals may mistake these for cracks. In fact, they are a validation of the stone being tourmaline. It is also known as Schrol and has been used in healing and magic rituals. Healers and Occult science practitioners use it for protection. Black tourmaline is double terminated, in the sense that it both absorbs and sends out energy. It absorbs negative energy and transmutes it to positive. It gives protection from radiation and EMF which is created with all the electronic equipment we are constantly using. It is an excellent stone for protection from energy vampires and any psychic attacks or psychic hooks. It is a wonderful stone to keep around you while meditating, to keep you grounded. It is one of the best stones for space protection and can also be worn on the body by those who resonate with its energy. It can help to remove feelings of worthlessness and anger when going through any energetic attack or negative phase.


Black Obsidian is naturally formed volcanic glass. It was formed when hot lava cooled down. In the rough form, we can see the lines or layers where the flowing lava may have cooled. When held up to the light, obsidian can be translucent. The surface is smooth like a dark mirror and the edges are sharp. It needs to be handled with care as its edges can easily cut through our skin. When polished it may have a golden or a greenish shine to it, or may just be a shiny black. The Mayans and other ancient civilizations used obsidian to make arrowheads and other sharp cutting tools. It is used for energetic protection and grounding. Healers use this for chord cutting and scrying. Using this stone will reveal the truth. Like a mirror, it will help the user understand and address issues that are not easily seen. It empowers one to face their fears and deal with them. It is one of the best tools when working with and healing the shadow self. Black Obsidian is a grounding stone and is a good stone for protection for healers as they heal others. It also helps to remain grounded when one is going through an extremely successful period in their career or business. During meditation, black obsidian is said to give protection from energy in spirit form too. It contains the elements of fire, earth, and water altogether.


Black Onyx is yet another grounding and protection stone. It is opaque and denser than the black tourmaline, and has some lines on it, but not grooves. It helps to absorb and transform negative energy. Black Onyx is a stone of support and gives emotional and physical strength when going through a tough phase. It is the best stone for grounding when going through a period of grief. It enhances self-control and allows wise decision-making at the time. It is a good crystal to help when trying to remain disciplined about something in life. It is a great protection stone for your workplace, or to wear with the intention of remaining grounded when at work. Onyx helps to ground those who may be in a phase where their nerves are easily stressed, causing them to lose their temper or get anxious. It gives psychic protection during meditation or any past life exploration.


Black Agate like all agates is a stone of balance. Black Agate may not be a regular black, but is usually a dark grey color in the rough. It is a grounding and protection stone that helps to balance the yin and yang energies of a person or even the space it is placed in. It helps to bring a balance to the mental and emotional bodies, the left brain, and the right brain. It may have bands in black or grey running through. It helps one feel centered and calm. Placing a large black agate in the center of a home can spread a grounding and centered vibration to the inhabitants of the home.

To Summarize:

All four of the above stones are root chakra stones. All four give protection and grounding. All of these resonate with the root chakra. They help resolve any issues related to stability (emotional, mental, physical, financial) and health. So how can one choose the best for themselves?

Have listed below the situations where one can choose each of them. However this is based on our experience and perceptions. You may find them working differently for you, as crystals resonate with each person in their own unique way.

  • Black Tourmaline – for Space Protection, for protection from electromagnetic radiation and EMF. For Grounding and protection from psychic attacks and psychic hooks. It also helps absorb one’s own negativity. Excellent for placing at the entrance for home/space or on four corners of a room for protection.
  • Black Obsidian – Protection, Grounding, Centering. Chord cutting. Protection from spirits and negativity. Good for healers and occult practitioners during their sessions. Protection during dealing with the shadow self and exploring past lives. It can be placed below the person using it in space, like under a table or under a bed. Can be worn as jewelry.
  • Black Onyx – Protection and Grounding. Helpful when remaining grounded when dealing with grief. Allows one to work with focus and discipline. A good protection stone for the place of work. Can be placed on the work table, or worn as jewelry.
  • Black Agate – Brings balance along with protection and grounding. Brings a harmonious balance among people while keeping them grounded. It can bring harmony when placed in the center of a home or a room. Good for wearing as jewelry.

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