Crystals and Water - Is it safe to soak all crystals in water?

Most Crystals love water, and yet, some crystals are soft and can disintegrate when soaked in water due to their natural state. Crystals are made of different minerals and chemicals. Some of these are either water-soluble or react with water making the crystal sensitive to water and causing it to break apart or rust.

Which crystals should not be soaked in water?

Some common crystals such as Pyrite and Hematite which have metallic components are sensitive to water and must not be washed or soaked, otherwise, they will rust and corrode. Selenite/ Satin Spar (and any forms of gypsum) and Celestite are crystals that are fragile and can easily break apart on water exposure. Other crystals that shouldn’t be soaked in water are Malachite, Lepidolite, Kunzite, Angelite, and Charoite.

Is there an easy way to know which crystals to keep away from water?

One theory is that all crystals' names that end with an “ITE” should be kept away from water and moisture. However this is not found to be true always, and only a few of these crystals disintegrate in water.

The scientific way in which crystals are classified as water safe or unsafe is by measuring their hardness with something called a Mohs Hardness Scale. Crystals that are rated above 6, are water safe. One can check the crystal’s hardness on the Mohs scale before soaking them in water. This information is available on the internet, and you do not need an instrument to measure this.

Are crystals with manmade treatments water safe?

All aura quartz crystals have been treated by a coating using gold, copper, and other minerals at very high temperatures to enhance their healing qualities.

Some of these like Titanium Aura Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, and other aura quartz crystals are not recommended to be soaked in water as their external finishing may become dull.

Crackle quartz, even though a man-made crystal, can be soaked in water for short periods of time.

What will happen if I wash or soak my non-water-safe crystal?

Crystals are resilient and will not get damaged immediately. They can be washed under tap water and dried immediately. In case you soak them with other crystals or forget to dry them, you could try and save them by placing them in a dry area. You can then wipe or dab the crystal dry and place it in a very well-ventilated space to maximize the drying of water. Do not use high heat dryers on crystals that have been exposed to water as they would already be fragile and may react or break on exposure to high heat. Avoid placing them in sunlight too.

Will my non-water-safe crystal lose its healing powers if exposed to water?

No. Unless the crystal was soaked in water for a very long period of time and is damaged, it won’t lose healing abilities. It is however recommended that after drying the crystal, one should charge and cleanse it again.


  • Any crystal jewellery made using any metal, must not be soaked in water. The metal will get tarnished even if the crystal is water safe.
  • Jewellry made with thread if soaked in water for long periods may cause the thread to shrink and get out of shape sometimes. 

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