Crystals for Children- For the little ones and the young ones.

Children and Crystals – Are crystals safe for our little ones and young ones? 

A question that comes up often is ‘Are crystals safe for children?‘ Children seem to love playing with crystals, and I have often seen them play with them as they come to the talk to crystals store with their moms… or rather they did in pre covid days. It always surprised me to see my friend’s patience with them where crystals were concerned. And by and by I saw that they did not break anything at all, at least no more or less than an adult. 

All those who work with crystals know how to get messages from them or feel the vibration. Children can do this effortlessly! You may see a child talking to or stroking a crystal sometimes with a lot of love. So yes, crystals are safe for children. In my experience, some crystals work well for children in general. 

For Children between a few months or a year to about 10-12 years, it’s a good idea to use gentle and soft crystals like Rose quartz. The moms need to take care they don’t swallow one! So best to keep smooth and larger stones around. It’s a good idea to place a rose quartz lamp or a large sphere out of their reach. Rose quartz radiates love and warmth in all directions, especially in the form of a sphere or a heart. 

Another crystal to use for young children is a black agate for protection from the so-called evil eye or Nazar. For older children, Black Tourmaline can be used as well. The form in which you can use these is a personal choice and the age of the child. Black tourmaline placed in four corners of a room is excellent for absorbing negativities. Bracelets, anklets, and pendants of black tourmaline are popular with teenagers. Black agate can be placed on the bedside or worn as a pendant. 

 Multi fluorite is a favorite with parents, as this is the stone of focus. It helps in concentration and keeps the mind focused. Keep one of these on the study table or the bedside of your child to help them find their goals, and work on achieving them. The various colors in the fluorite will help them focus on their choices, be it education or any other skill.

 Citrine is a stone of joy and as well as confidence. A solar plexus stone, citrine will work well for older children as they feel the need to overcome any fears they may develop during their adolescent years. 

Another joyful stone is Dalmatian Jasper. Named after a certain breed of dogs, this stone brings out the playfulness in those who need it. In the stress of studying and choosing their goals, many children lose their playfulness. This stone will help connect with their inner joy again. 

Crystals are a way of life in the new age, and the earlier our children meet them, the more they can connect to them and receive crystalline support! 

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