Best Crystals for Protection from Electro Magnetic Radiation

Best Crystals for Protection from Electro Magnetic Radiation

We are all getting more and more ‘digital’ as each day goes by. All or almost all the electronic devices we use have an electromagnetic field and the waves sent out by that field do energetically disturb our aura. On one hand, we are made aware of the electromagnetic radiation from all electronic devices, and on the other hand, today's situation has made it harder to avoid using them.

Effects of electromagnetic radiation

The effects of electromagnetic radiation could be headaches, lack of focus, dizziness, and feeling tired. We could always try and avoid using electronics, but is that even possible? My sessions are now online, and instead of a diary, I use the notepad.

How to Protect from EMF?

What am I doing to protect my energy? What are you doing to protect yours?

Spend time outside with nature. Or bring nature home with the help of crystals and their energy.

Each crystal has properties that can give our energy body protection and keep it healthy. Keeping the one that resonates with you around you helps.

 Am listing below a few crystals which can help restore the vibration in our homes and workplace. They can either protect us from the radiation effects or help to restore our energy.


Shungite is a powerful crystal found in Russia. It contains fullerenes which have powerful antioxidants and is especially effective around electronics like television, computer, etc. It is known to have healing effects. Shungite infused water is very good for healing, but to be taken on consultation. Can be worn on the person or kept.


Black tourmaline creates a protective energetic shield around a person or in any space. It can absorb negativity as well as electromagnetic radiation. It's a good idea to keep a medium-sized stone in every room where you have a tv or work on other electronics. Can be worn on the person or kept in the room.


A master crystal and stress reliever, amethyst is a wonderful stone to keep in a room in the form of a geode or a cluster. For the digital stress, this would be better placed around the room instead of wearing it in jewelry form. It is one of the best stones to help calm and relax the nerves.


Multi fluorite is excellent for focus and concentration. it is good for students who are finding it hard to focus. It can help to find the right direction and making decisions, as well as building a structure to one's plans and actions. It helps in learning and is good for memory. Placing it on the study or work table in some form is a good idea.


Pyrite is a protective stone against any electromagnetic waves. The silver lining while using this crystal is that it is also a wealth and abundance attracting stone.


A soft and soothing stone, Green Aventurine is excellent for the strain on the eyes. Use this by placing on the eyelids gently for rejuvenating the eye muscles. It is also a stone for luck and opportunity.

 A common question asked is "Does size matter?" Yes, it does. This does not mean the smaller crystals work less. It only means that the area they spread their energy will be less in a small stone and more in a larger one. The relative strength and vibrations are the same.

Nita Mehta

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