difference between Tumbles, Rough Stones and Clusters

Difference between Tumbles, Rough/Raw Stones and Clusters.

What crystal form should I use? Many of us go through a mini dilemma while buying crystals. After all the same crystal is available in various forms, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which will work best for you. The major classifications of most crystals would be in a tumbled or a polished form, the raw or natural form and a cluster.

Tumble Stones

Tumble stones are polished and have a smooth surface. They are in undefined but smooth shapes and could be of a tiny pebble size, or larger. A tumble stone has a soft and gentle energy which spreads in all directions more or less equally, depending on the exact shape. A rose quartz tumble will spread a loving harmonious energy and attract love energy. An amethyst tumble will create a high vibration as you meditate. The vibrations in all tumbles are sent out in softer waves, and I can equate this with the waves of an ocean, on a calm day. Soft, gentle, and yet healing. A tumble stone is easy to program and feed an intention to if that’s your purpose. For all beginners in the crystal exploration journey, this form is the easiest to connect and program. I do know many crystal experts who prefer to use tumbles in their healing and meditation, so it is not ‘just for beginners’.

Tumble 7 chakra stones

Rough/Raw Stones

Rough or Raw stones are in the natural form that they are found in the earth. They have rough and sharp edges and have no defined shape or size. Some crystals are prone to chipping off from the edges in this form. The energy in a rough stone is sharp and the direction of the energy flow is inconsistent, as is the shape of the stone. We could compare this to the waves during a high tide, where it’s not uniform at all times. A black tourmaline rock is a perfect example of a rough stone and is much preferred over the polished version.

The advantage in using a rough stone is that it can be used as a generator in a grid, or even if placed in a room. It can be used as a sphere or a pyramid. However, to do this you must know how to program the rough stone as a sphere, pyramid or any form of an energy generator. If you are yet to learn how to do this, it’s best to stick to tumbled stones for your crystal healing practices.

Rough healing crystals


A cluster is a collection of many points growing together on a common platform or source. These are natural and are found in this uniquely beautiful form in the earth. I have yet to see two clusters which are the same. Clusters are not found in all crystals, and the most used ones are Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz and Pyrite. In a cluster, each point can be programmed for a different intention or affirmation. If you plan to keep a large cluster to raise the vibrations of your home, you can even program the different points to work for the various members in the family. It is a collection of many crystals placed together, and we can use it with that thought. You must however be trained to do this correctly. An amethyst cluster placed in a meditation room will clear the heaviness in the room if any. A Clear Quartz cluster or a Citrine cluster is excellent for manifestations.

Crystal Cluster

 Tumbled Stone
Polished, Soft energy flows Equally in all directions.
Easy to program.
Suitable for personal wear and space.
 Raw Stone 
Natural, Erratic energy in different directions.
Can be programmed as a generator, or any other shape by intent.
  Suitable for personal wear and space.
Powerful energy which is focused through the points. 
Powerful energy which is focused through the points. 
Each point can be programmed separately
Suitable for space or keeping on a table .



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