Does Crystal Size Matter? Tumble stones are excellent for personal healing with crystals and are easy to carry. Larger crystals and crystal clusters are best to raise the vibrations of a room or space both at home and in the  work space.

A common question asked when buying a crystal is-  ‘Does it matter how big the crystal is’? Do we need to buy a larger crystal for it to work? Has this come up in your mind too? Well the answer is YES AND NO! Read on to know why.

If buying a crystal to work with personally, a smaller size will do. If looking for a crystal to place on your worktable, or bedside, or the corner of a room, then you may need a larger sized one. 

The most important part of working with crystals is your connection with them. If you have just begun your crystal journey and wish to explore new crystals, it’s best, to begin with tumble stones that easily fit in the folded palm of your fist. Tumble stones also come in various sizes, and I would suggest using a medium-sized one. You should feel comfortable holding the crystal without feeling the weight or having to worry about dropping it. 

Having spent some time with the smaller stones, you could move on to larger jumbo-sized tumble stones, or rough/raw stones, or even clusters. As we work with the chosen crystals, the vibration of our physical body is raised, and we can then move on to higher vibration crystals, or larger-sized crystals. 

 A tumbled stone is polished and feels smooth. For those who wish to feel the energy of an untouched stone, a rough stone works better. A cluster has a higher vibration and gives out more energy to the user. This is just a matter of personal choice.

If looking for a crystal to keep in a room or any space one needs to see the size of the room where you wish to place the crystal. We can feel the energy of a crystal over distance, but that distance will be defined by its size. The best type of crystals to keep in rooms and spaces are geodes or clusters, or even crystals in larger rock forms. A cluster with many points would be a good option. The size would depend on the size of the room. A smaller cluster would be suitable to keep on your worktable, bedside table, or around you during meditation. 

A geode is known for constantly generating positive energy. For a 2000 square foot room, a geode that is approximately 12 to 15 inches high would be suitable. Smaller geodes (6-8 inches and 2-3 kgs) could be a good choice for your bedside or worktable.

To sum it up –

  • For personal use on the physical body, or for jewelry, size is less important. Even a small-sized crystal that is on your person for at least 6 hours is good to work with.
  • The energy of the crystal remains the same no matter the size. However, the extent to which that energy or vibration is thrown out depends on the size.
  • For rooms or any large space, it's best to buy a crystal in proportion to the room size. A small tumble would not be suitable for a large room. 


Nita Mehta 

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